ITE's Typewriter Refurbishing Program

ITE’s Gold Medal Program ensures that customers will receive a like-new typewriter. All of our refurbished Lexmark/IBM typewriters go through a rigorous series of diagnostic tests to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. ITE has perfected a thorough and comprehensive process that made us the largest used typewriter distributor in the country.

We are the only typewriter distribution company that takes our refurbished typewriters completely apart, cleaning every part. This is all part of a five-step process each typewriter undergoes before leaving our facility.

Step 1: Assess

Typewriters that come in are assessed to determine the extent of repairs needed. Our staff performs tests to determine what works on the machine. ITE’s Gold Medal Program allows for these machines to be rebuilt into perfect working condition decades after they were originally built.
Step 2: Disassemble and Clean

The typewriter is completely disassembled and each part is cleaned by hand. Each part is given the attention it deserves. Plastics are soaked, metal is repainted, parts are oiled, electronic parts are chemically cleaned, and the cases are restored.
Step 3: Rebuild

Each typewriter is refurbished using a combination of rebuilt and new parts. Every machine is thoroughly lubricated. New batteries, printwheels, ribbon and lift-off tape are installed.
Step 4: Test

All functions, keys and memory are tested on the typewriter. Tests are repeated, and the technician signs the test sheet, which ships with the product.
Step 5: Pack and Ship

Typewriters are shipped using our “pillow of foam” packing system. Two liquid chemicals combine to create the packaging foam. This method ensures that the improvements made to your machine are protected, and that it arrives in like new condition. An owner’s manual is also included in the box.

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IBM Wheelwriter 3

• 14.75" Paper Capacity
• 1 Line Correction Memory
• Bold Print
• Uses 1380999 Ribbons
• Item #PW1P

IBM Personal Wheelwriter

• 16.5" Paper Capacity
• 72 Charc. Correct Memory
• Uses 1380999 Ribbons
• Item #WW3-1P

IBM Wheelwriter 30

• 16.5" Paper Capacity
• 30k Text Memory
• 4k Correction Memory
• Spell Check
• 2 Line Display
• Uses 1380999 Ribbon
• Item #WW30P

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